Success Stories

"A chiropractor and a personal trainer! You couldn't ask for a more educated person in your corner. Dr. Lindsay has changed the way my body moves!"

— Lisa

"I have always wanted to run and have been told by many health care professionals that because of my knee pain I should not run. My X-rays and MRI's are unremarkable. With Dr. Lindsay's treatment and guidance I am now working out pain free and completed my 1st 10km race. Forever grateful! Dr. Lindsay has changed the way my body moves!"

— Janelle

"'No Pain, No Gain' has been my exercise motto for years. The harder I pushed the more results I thought I would see. But it didn't work that way and now I know why! By decreasing my intensity, decreasing the amount of time I spend at the gym and incorporating core into my all of my movements I am half way (-10lbs) to reaching my goals. Thank you Dr. Lindsay!"

— Amy

"Half way through my pregnancy my tailbone hurt so bad I could hardly walk. After just one treatment with Dr. Lindsay I felt about 80% better. Because of her I was able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. She understands the stress pregnancy and having a baby puts on a woman's body and what needs to be done to help you feel your best."

— Amy

"Dr. Lindsay has been an integral part in my quest for wellness. I started to see her for chiropractic care during pregnancy and I completely trusted her with my unborn baby and myself. Her care made immediate differences in the way I felt, making the extra 50 pounds I carried during pregnancy bearable! I firmly believe that the prenatal chiropractic care she provided greatly helped and facilitated my natural and complication free labor. Now she is our family chiropractor helping ease life's aches and pains for my partner and infant as well. She has been a huge support through this ever-changing time and is a massive help in feeling better as a whole person: mentally, physically, and emotionally."

— Sarah

"Since a shoulder injury 6 years ago I have needed to modify the way I perform push ups. When I have had a personal trainer they have avoided them completely saying that push ups were something I just shouldn't do. Dr. Lindsay has changed that! I'd like to report that just last week I completed 15 'big girl' (on your toes) push ups all in a row and my shoulder has never felt stronger!"

— Tanis

"Dr. Lindsay is not only amazing, she is life-changing!"

— Shelia

"Dr. Lindsay's program was my first experience with exercise, and it was a wonderful way to start a life of physical activity. I will definitely do another 8 weeks!"

— Kristin

"This program is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself! I can't believe it took me so long to find it. I have told everyone I know about it. It made me excited about working out again!"

— Michelle