Our workouts are not limited to the gym or the 3x/wk chunks we have scheduled into our already overfilled lives. They consist of every movement we make throughout the day. And they happen within the space of our lives!

Proper movement is key. Our bodies know movement not muscles and it is our nervous system that dictates how we move. Chiropractic and fitness are a remarkable pair and many times the missing relationship to our bodies performance.

Our nervous system and the joints that protect it make up the most fundamental element of training. Training demands that joints move through their full range of motion and function properly so that muscles can respond appropriately and our body moves the way it was designed.

By addressing your nervous system, joints and muscles through chiropractic and then stabilizing and strengthening your new found function through fitness, we are able to bridge the gap between injury and performance and unlock your bodies potential. We call this Ab Intelligence!

While fitness continues to throw gadgets and gimmicks at us that ‘guarantee results’, the foundation of functional fitness still resonates loud and clear. Function creates long lasting results!

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