Bikini Boot Camp

Bikini Boot Camp is not your typical Bootcamp! Considered one-on-one personal training with the motivation of a group, our function-based program has been created specifically for women by women. Using exercise techniques aimed at developing core strength and balance, agility and flexibility, Bikini Boot Camp will challenge you to try something new. Surrounded by the beauty of our natural parks we celebrate the benefits of getting active and staying active.

Bikini Boot Camp is Canadaís 1st womenís only outdoor fitness boot camp company. Since 2004, Bikini Boot Camp has been a leader in the fitness industry, providing cutting edge workouts to women. Rooted in the philosophy that every woman CAN, Bikini Boot Camp has become the playground where women meet up after work or once they drop their kids to school and spend time focused on themselves.

We are your fitness experts and make movement fun for all ages, shapes and sizes! Whether itís a fitness program in your city, Team Bikini race training, weekend escapes, simply signing up for our newsletter or friending us on facebook, we are here for you! You will soon realize that the workout is just the icing on the cake. Bikini Boot Camp will invite you into a lifestyle full of laughter, sweat and enthusiasm. Welcome to the family!

Bikini Boot Camp Philosophy

  • To make movement fun for all ages, shapes and sizes
  • Celebration through fitness, healthy lifestyles and friendship
  • To provide a positive and supportive environment for the further development of a confident self

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'Bikini Boot Camp is awesome! It is so much fun being outdoors and it produces the results that we are all looking for...lost inches and weight and an overall improvement in fitness level.'

- Sharon Schwieger (8th Bikini Boot Camp)