Dr. Lindsay's Chiropractic Care

A subluxation (joint that is not moving properly) and itís impedance on our nervous system is the foundation of chiropractic. Our nervous system controls and regulates every cell, tissue, organ and system of our body. When our nervous system isnít functioning properly we donít function properly. Everyone experiences this differently. You may feel pain or tightened muscles, tingling in your extremities or headaches, you may become constipated, suffer from anxiety or struggled through a difficult pregnancy. This can all be related to a disruption in your nervous system.

My goal is to assist your body in restoring proper nervous system function, full spinal motion and eliminate any soft tissue dysfunction. This is done by removing subluxations (movement restrictions) which result in irritation and interference to the nervous system. The technique used to eliminate subluxations is called a chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractic style used varies from incorporating low force (no 'popping' or 'cracking' sound), instrument assisted (activator, drop table) and traditional manual techniques to offer the most comfortable approach for each patient. Together you and I will decide which technique is the best for you. In many cases, more than one technique is used. All styles have proven to be accurate and effective.