Functional Movement Screen (FMS) & Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Small children roll, squat, lunge, run and lift with instinctively perfect form. We are a "natural born athlete" primed and encoded to move with effective grace as we engage with life.

However, life is a series of insults and challenges to the development and maintenance of quality movement. Repetitive movement, over training, inflicted trauma, poor habits and a host of other factors start to degrade the elemental patterns of human movement into an increasingly dysfunctional system. Our chance of injury rises and our performance is diminished.

According to Gray Cook, this dysfunction is primarily due to the existence of asymmetries and imbalances in the body. Survival-based compensations for these asymmetries and imbalances create a cascade of increasingly harmful micro-trauma that set the stage for a potentially devastating injury.

Gray Cook has identified seven primal patterns, which are the basis for all significant human movement. Cook has further developed a set of screens to identify the imbalances and asymmetries lurking within any one primal movement pattern.

Once these imbalances and asymmetries have been recognized, then appropriate corrective exercises can be prescribed to restore balance and symmetry. Once balance and symmetry are restored, the risk of injury plummets while the quality of movement soars.

These protocols for recognizing and addressing imbalance and asymmetry, FMS (Functional Movement Systems) and its clinical sister SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) dramatically reduces future injury, while enhancing or restoring lost performance.
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